This page is more or less a placeholder page. I registered this domain as well as, I have "parked" this domain on this page as I've been investigating google indexing issues with the other two sites I have that have multiple domain names. I wanted to avoid the possibility of being penalized in any way. Strangely enough, I've made 301 redirects for the appropriate domains, but still have had problems with google indexing.

Anyway, more to the point, if you are here you may be looking for help with a computer issue and I suggest you visit the above link to However, if you want to look for resources to help you fix the issue yourself, you're welcome to visit where I have posted MANY issues that I've run across and many solutions. Failing that I would suggest searching google or MSN or Yahoo for your specific problem. If you're still intent on solving it yourself, good luck, use advanced searching techniques (like quoting the error message text if there's a specific error message) and I wish you well.